[aprssig] Is the APRS Spec for APRS Data Type Identifier just randomly ignored? Should it be?

James Washer washer at trlp.com
Thu Aug 18 00:20:24 EDT 2005

What about a packet like "W6BXN-3>APTW01,WIDE,qAo,KF6HJO:TARC WX"

Clearly an APRS packet, DTI of a Telemetry packet, but it is obviously not a telemetry packet. Would you not consider this an error?

And ugly little things like:

I'd consider all of the above "illegal" or "in error", as they violate the spec.

 - jim

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005 23:44:46 -0400
Steve Dimse <steve at dimse.com> wrote:

> On Aug 17, 2005, at 11:30 PM, James Washer wrote:
> > I think your filter misses a lot of errors...
> >
> > Can you tell me what it does look for? Does it validate the DTI?
> >
> Depends what you call an error, I think it catches most of the errors  
> in APRS format packets. I specifically do not check for things like  
> the present thread. Not everything that gets to findU is APRS...these  
> beacons are common in systems packet other than APRS. There are other  
> kinds of non-APRS things that appear on the APRS IS, I make no  
> attempt to flag them.
> What the error page displays is errors in parsing packets that have  
> specific APRS meanings in the spec...for example a position report  
> missing N or S in the latitude field, or a two digit temp in weather  
> packets.
> Steve K4HG
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