[aprssig] One last question on digipeater code for TNC-X

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Tue Aug 16 23:24:45 EDT 2005

hansen at fredonia.edu wrote:

> Hi:
> A while back I was working on the code for a digipeater daughter board 
> for TNC-X and I asked a few questions here about features.  I 
> appreciate the input.  I'm now finishing up this code (I expect to 
> have it ready for beta testing by the end of this week) and I have one 
> last question.
> ..  My remaining question is whether it is important to have a 
> separate destination callsign and path for each of the four beacons.
> Any advice?
> Thanks in advance for your input.
> John W2FS
> _

Separate call sign:  Not so important, though I suspect some will have 
an application.

Separate paths:       YES!  

The idea is to beacon frequently (perhaps once every 10 mins or so) on a 
local direct path (i.e. no path at all) so that users can become aware 
of the digi's local coverage area unaided by other digis.  

Then beacon less frequently  (such as every half hour on a one hop path 
like WIDE1-1) and then perhaps once an hour or  every two hours on a 
longer path.   The intent is to not clog other areas with frequent 
beacons, but yet allow out-of-towners to become aware that a digi is 
present in your area. 

The separate calls COULD be useful in this scenario.  The local 
every-10-mins no-path beacons contain the legal callsign for FCC ID 
compliance,  while the longer-path less-frequent beacons could use 
tactical or descriptive callsigns with place names.  

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