[aprssig] One last question on digipeater code for TNC-X

John Hansen hansen at fredonia.edu
Tue Aug 16 22:35:54 EDT 2005


A while back I was working on the code for a digipeater daughter board 
for TNC-X and I asked a few questions here about features.  I appreciate 
the input.  I'm now finishing up this code (I expect to have it ready 
for beta testing by the end of this week) and I have one last question.

As you may recall, I was modelling this project on the widely used 
UIDigi feature set.  I was advised by someone that one problem with this 
code was there were only 3 beacons and really 4 were needed.  So I put 
four in the code for XDigi.  I've set this up so that a separate beacon 
text and beacon interval can be specified for each.  My remaining 
question is whether it is important to have a separate destination 
callsign and path for each of the four beacons.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance for your input.

John W2FS

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