[aprssig] How to digi 6x in the New APRS world?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Aug 16 10:50:03 EDT 2005

I still want to hear what possible application
requires a 6 hop path on the APRS system
that will QRM as many as 30 States in
the country if this is done on the east coast.

>>> w2ev at arrl.net 08/16/05 7:52 AM >>>
>> Simple: WIDE2-2,WIDE2-2,WIDE2-2  And this is one of the reasons
>> why source-routing doesn't work.

Thanks to the list (and to those who replied directly, several of which 
provided a other simple solutions as well).  I have the information and insight 
that I need to "do the deed" on Saturday.  I appreciate the feedback...sincerely.

Kind regards,
Ev Tupis, W2EV

PS...I'll be unsubscribing again.  It's best for the list. :)

PPS (nipping any unnecessary controversy in the bud)...

> let's hope that he doesn't use it, at least not long-term.
NOTE: I said that this was for this weekend's 10-GHz contest only

 > What if the person that originally asked lives in a state that supports SSn-n?
NOTE: I said I would be operating in Ontario, Canada (and inferred that I would 
want to be seen across the lines of several states in the area)

> send several beacons via DIGI1,DIGI2,DIGI3,WIDE2-2 if they knew the
 > callsigns or aliases for (e.g.) the first three digis, add a
 > WIDE2-2 on the end? At least that would be targeting a particular
 > direction instead of 6 hops out in every direction.
NOTE: I said that I wish to be seen in all directions, equally

> The chance of success would be low if there was any amount of
> activity on the frequency due to collisions, but it might work.
NOTE: I said that I knew the physics of such things already, but wanted to be 
seen in this wide area via RFONLY (due to the rules of the event)

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