[aprssig] How to digi 6x in the New APRS world?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Aug 16 14:07:40 EDT 2005

>>> brianbr at mac.com 08/16/05 1:44 PM >>>
>at 12-18 rovers...at one packet per 15 mins...
>could be 7.5-10,000 extra packets per hour ....
> would be a major additional load here .. and would
>cripple the Montreal and Albany (NY) LANs...

A good analysis.  And I agree. 

But it also sounds like a good APRS application.
I just wonder why 6 hops is needed.  Certainly,
most VHF contesting is not done in the high density
cities.  And the distance between good rural digis
in the Northeast Mountains is easily 100 miles.
Most VHF DX is worked over a few hundred miles.

Therefore, I would think that a 3 or 4 hop path would 
be more than adequate to show a VHF station to the 
surrounding areas that he has any chance of working 
(350 mi) in the first place.  Just no need for 6 hops!

If this was done with a packet every 10 minutes ,
say by a dozen or so mobile VHF rovers, doing
a very exciting thing in HAM radio, I woiuld think
that it would be tolerable and fun to watch.   A good
APRS application.

But the problem is such power in the hands of
the clueless.  All it would take is one idiot to 
set his tracker to 6 hops once every 1 minute
and the value  of the concept folds up under
an overload of stupidity.

So, I always like to allow room for neat applications
of APRS for supporting other ham radio events.
But how do you make sure that some clueless
idiot doesnt kill it for everyone else.... that has
alway been the problem about rules and regulations,
You really only want to legislate the distructive
behavior of the clueless while letting the sentient 
individual explore the envelope.


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