[aprssig] Ultimeter 2000 support

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Tue Apr 26 23:47:08 EDT 2005

OpenTracker firmware to support the Peet Bros Ultimeter 2000 series weather
stations is now available for beta testing.

I know Bob's been asking for a format converter for a long time - you can't
use this to feed an external TNC (it doesn't need a TNC at all), but if
you've got a combination digi/weather site it should still be usable.  I've
got the KPC-3 in my garage jumpered for external power, and I use an
off-the-shelf RS-232 'Y' cable to provide power to a weather tracker and let
it share the same radio.

Anyway, it accepts standard Peet Bros datalogger format (!! header), and
parses wind speed, wind direction, outdoor temperature, barometric pressure,
outdoor humidity, and today's rainfall total.  It transmits in 'full' APRS
weather format, WITH position:


There's no gust data provided in this mode.  I could probably track it, but
it might not be useful depending on the integration period in the weather

Like the Dallas 1-wire firmware, this version also does the dynamic
beaconing thing, where it'll transmit when a wind speed or direction change

I've been feeding my test unit data scraped off FindU, but I don't have an
actual Ultimeter station to test with, so I'm looking for volunteers to beta
test it.

If you've got a compatible station that's either running off a TNC now, or
is just waiting to be hooked up for APRS, preferably someplace that doesn't
require a six-day trip by snowmobile to go fix, and would like to help, let
me know - I might be able to hook you up with a free OpenTracker kit.

If you've already got an OpenTracker and want to try it, click on the 'Load
firmware from web' button and select the Ultimeter Beta entry.


Scott, N1VG

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