[aprssig] FS: GPS Splitter and Antennas

Rich Garcia k4gps at arrl.net
Wed Apr 27 10:15:31 EDT 2005

I have a couple of industrial GPS Splitters for sale if anyone is
interested. They have 3 outputs with SMA Females and one N Female Input.
I have not measured the port loss but they work just fine with several
amplified antennas I have here, all made my the Mini-Circuits Corp.

If anyone is interested in a Base Station type GPS antenna I also have
several of those that I may part with, all NEW. These are sold by
Lucent and Andrew Corp and are 26db of Gain with a N Type female and
designed to be mounted on a 1in pipe. These are HEAVY Duty GPS antennas
used in the CDMA industry and are VERY durable. I have some with and without
pipe mounts, one can be made easily with a pipe flange if you desire, or a
small L Bracket. This would be something for use at home for network timing,
or on a boat/RV/truck for heavy duty permanent applications, if you have a
difficult location and low signal strength these will work wonders for you!

Anyone interested contact me off list, photos are available upon request
just let me know high or low res.


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