[aprssig] Live Telemetry Data Through a Simple Web Page

Arne Stahre sm6vyf at gatugarden.com
Sun Apr 24 08:54:52 EDT 2005

  I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do, but if you want to 
create HTML from one or more XML files you should look into XSLT.

  As a little try I made a very simple XML file (4 lines) on my server 
and also a XSL file (30 lines) for the transformation. This 
transformation loads additional XML from n8qq.com and extracts the 
fields I want and creates the HTML document. The nice thing is that this 
is done in the browser (Mozilla) - in theory! There is a security thing 
here. Mozilla does not allow the loading of the XML/XSL from different 

  However, this can be done in Perl using XML::LibXML and XML::LibXSLT. 
The transformation code in Perl should be about 10 lines. The XSLT 
files, though, are larger - XSLT is verbose, but powerful.

  73 de SM6VYF/Arne

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