[aprssig] Winlink Registration

Boyd D Garrett Sr N5CTI at TexasNative.com
Fri Apr 15 18:52:17 EDT 2005

aa3jy at winlink.org wrote:

>Bob I have no idea what email address you use nor do I want to guess..so the "burden" is on you to complete the registration process..not I....
>Clay AA3JY
>(Via Winlink)
I don't want to be contentious or anything, Clay, but it would seem to 
me that, if you want to receive an email from someone, and you use an 
email address with such tight restrictions, the burden would be on you 
to ensure their address is registered. If you don't care whether you 
receive their email or not, then I'd agree with you: they need to make 
sure it's registered.

Again, I'm not trying to irritate anyone or anything, but I'd thought 
I'd offer my perspective as a disinterested third party. Folks are 
certainly free to disagree with me, of course.


Boyd / N5CTI

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