[aprssig] APRS on RF?

ke4nyv at hamhud.net ke4nyv at hamhud.net
Wed Apr 13 09:30:00 EDT 2005

I have to admit its very frustrating to have UI-View running for a few days to
only find a handful of local (within about 75 miles) to show up.  Then I go
check findu.com or aprsworld.net and find the online stations are more than
double.  I simply just ask myself "What the hell??"  This is a hobby of RADIO.

Don't get me wrong, I love APRS-IS and all that its purpose serves.  But when
I'm riding around watching my HamHUD or you D700 guys are doing the same, I
want to see some local activity.  Our network is flooded with traffic, but the
traffic comes in from other areas 80% of the time.

This is has been a gripe of mine for several years now.  I understand that for
the longest time it DID cost some to get a station on the air...mainly the TNC
(about $180 new or $50 used).  But now there are so many options.  Number one
being John Hansen's TNC-X KISS TNC: $45 for the basic kit or $70 with the USB
module.  If APRS is your main goal, KISS is really all you need, how can you go
wrong?  There is also the soundcard method.  Personally, I have not had great
luck with it, but its a cheap option and real easy to setup with a couple of
cables and a simple keying circuit.

Anways, just my $0.02

Jason KE4NYV
RPC Electronics

Quoting Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu>:

> Saw this on the UIview reflector:
> >... I am new to APRS and trying to learn.  I have the only
> > APRS WX station on RADIO in my area, everyone else
> > is on internet...
> Actualy since APRS is 13 years old now,  I thought
> that we would be able to do more with APRS in local
> events.  But although the number of people that do APRS has
> increased slightly from a few %, the number that can
> actually use it in the field on RF may have dwindled.
> These small numbers especially among the dedicated few
> volunteers that do the bulk of special event operating,
> make it difficult to use APRS for anything but a side-show
> in many practical events...
> Ham Radio.... don't forget the radio...
> and take it outside... (its wireless)...
> de Wb4APR
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