[aprssig] Latest APRSdos

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Apr 12 19:45:46 EDT 2005

The latest APRSdos:

Collects all of the various Network Analysis tools scattered
through the various menu's and puts them under one new 
menu called ANALYZE.  I use these tools all the time to
gather info on how the network is working in my area.
Here's what they do:

   ALOHA  computes and draws the ALHOA circle
   DIGIS    computes the stats on use of all paths
   HOPS    Colors each DIGI's PHG circle by #of hops
   LINKS   Traces a stations path to you with lines
   PATHS  shows who is using what (all RELAY's, etc)
   MSGS    draws line's between QSO stations
   RANGE  Lines from all stations to first digi
   VERS    shows who is using what versions

These tools have always been in there, but I dont think
most casual users knew they were there...

Also, I notice about half of users are still using the original
APRSnnn instead of the APRSxnn MAX version.  This
new download tries to force everyone to use the MAX version
that has all these tools in it.  The only time to use the old
one is for NTS traffic, DFing with the Fade Circle Technique
and 3D maps for Balloon tracking..

Otherwise use APRSmax which can capture 300 users
in your area and has all the tools for looking at your network.

DOWNLOAD  APRS875.zip on tapr:


If you use APRSdos, do the ANALYZE command
for VERSIONS and DOS and get those guys to 
upgrade!  More than 90% of APRSdos users have
not upgraded in 3 or 4  years!       argh...


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