[aprssig] The final WIDE2-1,WIDE1-1 solution!

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Sat Apr 2 08:26:57 EST 2005

If you are talking about using UI-View for a wide digipeater, then yes,
just take RELAY out of it.  If you are talking about using UI-View as a
home station RELAY, then the word "relay" woul have to be substituted
for the word "wide1-1".  I'm not up to speed on UI-View, so I don't know
where to do this... I suspect it's in the INI file.

For KPC3 and PACCOMM home stations, they need to change from MYA RELAY
to MYA WIDE1-1 .


hasan schiers wrote:

> Do we do nothing differently than I had earlier published than just
> eliminating support for RELAY?
> It would seem to me that we don't have to do anything...just take
> RELAY out of our ALIAS list and let UI-View32 do its thing.
> This way the only change required is the mobiles' unproto path changes
> from:
> RELAY,WIDE2-2  (pretty much the standard around here...we're rural
> with high digis)
> to:
> WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2   (for three hops)
> or
> WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 (for two hops)
> ======================================
> We are having a state-wide APRS meeting at the Des Moines hamfest the
> 3rd week of this month. It would be nice to get everyone on the same
> page at that meeting.
> 73,
> ...hasan, N0AN
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>> And now the New n-N Paradigm is complete!
>> 1) WIDEn-N works everywhere for small values of N
>> 2) The RELAY-DUPE and WIDE-DUPE problems are solved
>> 3) We can still use fill-in digis
>> and APRS paths are totally simplified to simply WIDEn-N
>> and 2-2 for mobiles and the 1-1,2-1 options for those mobiles
>> that think they need it..  Wow , what a day!
>> Bob
>>>>> bruninga at usna.edu 4/1/05 3:09:49 PM >>>
>> Wes, I think you got it!
>> 1) We replace RELAY stations with WIDE1-1 stations.
>> 2) The general mobile path is WIDE2-2  (or 3-3 if one insists)
>> 3)  for those indifviduals that insist they need a fill-in-digi can
>> use either of these paths:
>> WIDE1-1,WIDE2-2      (in areas that can handle 3 hops)
>> WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1      (in WIDE2-2 areas)
>> This completely eliminates the RELAY-DUPE-multiplication
>> problem and is fully compatible with the New n-N Paradigm.
>> But may not work in LA or areas with WIDE2-2-only digis,
>> though I think we can fix that too...
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