[aprssig] New wxpage.cgi

Ralph Milnes ralphmilnes at patmedia.net
Wed Nov 24 15:36:14 EST 2004

Steve wrote:

>I am putting the final touches on the new version of the wxpage cgi, here
is the
>test URL, let me know if you find any problems:
>If the station you are viewing are forwarding your data to NOAA through the
>(as mine does), you will find a link appearing to the daily quality
>graphs for that station.

I like it!

Some suggestions that relate to legends and scales.

I see you have options for English, Metric and Nautical (although I don't
think they are working at the moment). I didn't see those choices right away
in the left margin and it wasn't immediately clear which of those scales was
being displayed. I wonder if it might be better to have the choices moved
above the graphs with the current choice marked in bold, for example.

Also for Temp//Dew Point,  I'd like to see a legend saying red is temp and
blue is dewpoint. I know dewpoint is always lower than temp, but not
everyone does. Also, since my WX station doesn't  report humidity, there is
only one line (temp), not two. People are then confused by the title of the
graph which refers to a dewpoint but they don't see anything for that on my
graphs.  A red/blue legend would clarify that the blue line (dewpoint) is
missing on the graph for my station and that the red line displayed is not
some inexplicable "temp/dew point" line.

And even if you had some General indicator above showing English Metric or
nautical, it still would be nice to have the scale type in the graph, i.e.
for Wind: knots, Mph or Kph; for Rain: centimeters or inches; for Barometer:
inches, millibars, or kilopascals. (You do have an "F" for Farenheit for
"Temp", for example.)

Oh -- on rain, I think the graph for my station simply reports a cumulative
measurement and not "last hour/ since midnight" as perhaps yours and others
do. I have a Peet remote station, i.e. no computer attached. I don't know
what to recommend for that, but the point is that I don't think the title of
the graph is correct for such stations.

As always, I appreciate all that you do with Findu, as do others I direct to
Findu. Thanks.


Ralph Milnes KC2RLM
WX Station KC2RLM-1


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