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Russ Chadwick russ at wxqa.com
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You need to go to this site,


and fill out the form and then things should work the next evening.  Note on
this page there is a sign-up for a discussion list for the data quality
checking process.

Your callsign is your identification on findu.com and your NWS ID (AP032) is
your identification in the MADIS quality checking process.  This is the same
process that is used for NWS surface data so that's why the term NWS ID.

The MesoWest link is to another seperate quality checking process that is
run by the Western Region of the NWS.  MADIS sends the CWOP data to
MesoWest.  They also use the NWS ID to identify stations in their process.

Russ   KB0TVJ

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    Steve Dimse wrote:

    I am putting the final touches on the new version of the wxpage cgi,
here is the
    test URL, let me know if you find any problems:


    If the station you are viewing are forwarding your data to NOAA through
the CWOP
    (as mine does), you will find a link appearing to the daily quality
    graphs for that station.

  If I try to check my data quality from the FINU web page I get taken to:
  and get the following message:
    This site is not being monitored for data. The site has been registered,
but the registration has not been confirmed.

  So then I check using http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/wx.cgi?call=AP032 and

  Sorry, no weather reports found for AP032 in the 24 last hours

  But yet http://www.met.utah.edu/cgi-bin/droman/meso_base.cgi?stn=AP032
shows my data quality good

  What is the difference between these pages and why do I show up with good
data quality on one page and the other says I never send any data and am not
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