[aprssig] New wxpage.cgi

Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Wed Nov 24 15:50:35 EST 2004

On 11/24/04 at 3:36 PM Ralph Milnes <ralphmilnes at patmedia.net> sent:

>I see you have options for English, Metric and Nautical (although I don't
>think they are working at the moment).

Once again, as I have explained several times here recently, what has changed is
the wxpage.cgi. There have been no changes to the temp, baro, rain, and wind
cgis, which is what this and most of your other comments apply to. The
metric/english/nautical toggle affects the text of the current observation in
the top of the window, as it has since its introduction nearly a year ago. 

Making these other cgis respond to the toggle is in my future plans.

As to the location of the links to the metric versions of the page, I plan to
leave this as is...this is one of those things, unlike map scales, that people
chose once and leave alone. Not many people keep switching back and forth
between different unit systems. The mode can determined by the units of the text
observation (and someday the units shown on the other 4 cgis as well).

Steve K4HG

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