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Keith - VE7GDH ve7gdh at rac.ca
Thu Nov 18 15:50:48 EST 2004

Bob WB4APR said on 18/11/2004 10:53:25 AM

> The problem is, that too many APRS operators these days are
> just plug-n-play appliance operators who don't seem to
> appreciate the difference between a local 1200 baud channel
> and the 56k + internet.  98% of the packets your local DIGI
> sees are from OUT OF YOUR AREA and are jamming local
> use of your system.

Let's welcome the new operators and help them learn. Chances are, there will be more "appliance operators" with D7s, D700s, TinyTrack 3s, PocketTrackers and KPC-3+s than there will be new people getting into APRS with completely homebrew setups. Keep in mind that there are lots of "plug and play cars" running around on the highways and bumping into people or things these days. I don't hear you complaining about the cars. Let's concentrate on driver education instead of shooting down the car manufacturers. Unlike many areas of amateur radio, APRS requires a bit of cooperation to make it work. We are going through growing pains now that just didn't exist when it was a new concept and only a few people were doing it.

> Over the years, many releases of  APRS follow-on clone software
> do  nothing to help provide stewardship of the local RF network
> to help share the channel and encourage priority for  local and
> fresh info as was provided for in the original protocol.

I'm convinced that problems are "user problems" and not problems caused by the software authors. All you can do is build desirable features into software that you write, and suggest those features to other authors. Over time, maybe it will be a perfect world, but for now, let's help the new guys (I was one just a year ago) and also help educate the ones that are abusing the system either intentionally or otherwise.
> Best thing to do is to work with the local DIGI owners and get
> them to DISABLE WIDEn-N routing and replace it with
> a local LANn-N or LINKn-N and/or add a 144.99 local input
> on the digis.  And of course educate the users in your surrounding
> states that are being jerks with their paths...
> Good luck.  I'm getting fed up with the whole mess...

I'm all for working with DIGI owners as well as regular APRS users to try and improve the network. As well as the changes you suggest, maybe we need something done on the hardware side as well... perhaps transmitters that dynamically adjust their power upwards and downwards based on the receive signal from the nearest digi... kind of like the cellular telephone concept, and many low powered digis at low elevations in densely populated areas. I doubt if it will happen because it would be such a fundamental change. The concept might have merit, but I would concentrate on user education first. I hope you don't get so fed up with the whole mess that you decide to quit playing around with APRS. You probably have lots you could still offer to the hobby.

73 es cul - Keith VE7GDH
"I may be lost but I know exactly where I am"

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