[aprssig] Re: The new find.cgi...

Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Tue Nov 16 13:58:39 EST 2004

On 11/16/04 at 10:49 AM Chris Kantarjiev <cak at dimebank.com> sent:

>I'm in digest mode, so I got the "try it out" and "it went live"
>all in one digest ... and it looks great! 
>Now, the one thing I wish were possible: I'd like to
>be able to "see nearby APRS activity" on the current
>terra map. It always struck me as a nuisance before
>that I would look at nearby activity on a moderately
>small scale, then click "see all on a map" and get
>pretty much all of northern California, and have to
>try to zoom in all over again... perhaps, failing
>that, you could have "click here to display all the stations
>on an aerial photo" as part of near.cgi's output.
You are looking for something like this:




There are a huge number of combinations with findU, there is a limit to how many
I can create links to, for some things you will always need to get under the
hood. However, I've provided a bunch of building blocks, and what I really hope
to encourage is to get people to go under the hood, and start playing with the
more advanced features...

Steve K4HG

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