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Larry Cerney lcerney at viawest.net
Tue Nov 16 13:46:53 EST 2004


I just finished modifying my Deluo GPS to work with the OpenTracker.  I take
the +5 directly from the OpenTracker and ship it to Pin 4 on the DB-9.(I've
replaced the cable on the Deluo, don't remember if power originally to Pin
4.  Don't try this with a stock cable without confirming the power pinout)
The Deluo DOES NOT have polarity protection and if you reverse the power you
will kill the GPS in an instant.  Don't ask how I know.  The 78L05 is rated
at a peak I of 140 mA.  The Deluo GPS draws ~135 mA @ +5 and the OpenTracker
~ 7 mA.  This is pushing the limit of the 78L05 a bit, but I haven't seen it
get hot yet.  We'll just have to wait to see how long it will last.

BTW, the Deluo is a nice little GPS.  I've mounted mine on the window sill
in the rear of my SUV and it works great.


See my OpenTracker at:

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Thanks.  I'm considering releasing an OpenTracker hardware variant that'd
have the appropriate connector to talk directly to the Deluo GPS.  Even if I
don't go to that extent, I'm thinking about becoming a Deluo reseller to
offer something closer to one-stop shopping.  I should be able to offer a
package deal that'd be cheaper than buying a tracker and GPS receiver
separately.  Deluo seems like the best choice for inexpensive, simple
receivers, but if anyone's got another suggestion, let me know.

Scott, N1VG

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> I cut the end off of mine but it is a regular mini din like on ps2
> ports. They will provide you with wire description just email support.
> The only complaint is that it is not completely watertight and cannot be
> left on the car above 25 mph or it flies off. I am eyeballing that new
> one they have with the external antennae.
> Todd K6TJS

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