[aprssig] Default find.cgi scale

Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Mon Nov 15 11:22:15 EST 2004

Many of you may have noticed that a week or so ago I cut back the number of
APRSWorld maps on find.cgi from three to one. At peak times the number of maps
requested became so great that it would bog down the APRSWorld server. Several
people complained to me after that, requesting that if only a single map were
shown it should be something that would orient the user better. After I made a
change I got a couple more complaints wnating the old scale.

The single APRSWorld map links to a zoomable page that can gove you any scale
you want, so no matter what scale is shown on the find page, you can, with a few
clicks, get any view you want.

I've added a new parameter to allow a user to specify any scale they wish for
the map:


0.04 is the current default, the old default was 0.001.

Given the difference of opinion, I'd like people to play with the parameter a
bit and vote on what they would like to see as the default. Email your votes
privately (k4hg at tapr.org)

Thanks de Steve K4HG

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