[aprssig] PTT mode saves collisions on APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Nov 15 11:01:25 EST 2004

Fred reminds us all that any VOICE repeater can also 
be used as an alternate input channel for APRS to further
reduce the collisions on the national channel.  Just set
the repeater up with a Mic-E receiving TNC that digipeats
over to 144.39    Doing this on your favorite repeater with
your D7 or D700 would let side A do both local chit-chat
and APRS PTT mode and let band B be used for other

>>> Fred Mahone <fred.mahone at vt.edu> 11/15/04 8:57:27 AM >>>
>You have brought up the fact that system saturation could 
>be held down by  more input frequencies.
>There was a plan to have mobiles send their position after 
>a voice transmission, like public safety systems. The voice 
>repeater would strip the data and port it to the APRS 
>frequency. While this would not give the continuous 
>tracking of a stand alone, it would relieve some of the 
>loading. It might also encourage the use of the voice 
>repeaters, which are mostly silent.
>Fred Mahone

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