[aprssig] ID requirements...

Mike Yetsko myetsko at insydesw.com
Sun Nov 7 15:42:35 EST 2004

Just remember that there is NO requirement that ANY transmission of an ID
has to go anywhere.  It just has to be made 'on the air' by the actual
transmitting station.  Along
with that, a repeater does NOT fulfull the requirement if it broadcast an
'inputs' ID.
However, an 'input' signal CAN send and ID for itself, AND for the

I know of a case where one of the 'tin cop' OOs issued warnings to
individuals when
they either ran out of coverage of a local repeater, or the repeater
'timed out' and
shut down.  This little tin cop thought he was being cool with 'official
warnings' until
he was shown the rules.  That's not to say the people didn't break the
rules.  But
just because you can't hear an ID through the repeating device does NOT
it's a violation.

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