[aprssig] APRS on expedition, but non ham?

Tate KC7ZRU kc7zru at arrl.net
Mon Nov 1 01:11:15 EST 2004

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It's been awhile, but last I heard the only 'OK' way to do this was with
something like a KPC3+ remotely operated. That way the control op could
remote in and disable the station - even though it was a mobile tracker,
the remote operator was the control op. Not the unlicensed volunteer who
was driving that vehicle. But, since that only would disable the TNC
(and hopefully the TX) and not the radio itself, there was still some
question. Some advocated using one of the remote lines on the KPC3+ to
fire a relay cutting power to the radio. However, assuming the radio had
a time out timer, the consensus was that was 'OK'. As far as I know,
that opinion has never been tested.

But a dumb tracker with no remote ability and planning on an un-licensed
person to turn it off? No way. Can't be legal by any stretch.

And yes - whole heartedly agree, there's a major difference between a
station, operated by a license holder using a tactical call sign - when
his station is legally identified elsewhere(cwid, comments, etc) - and a
non-ham having *ANY* control of a station. Two totally, un-related

The assumption that the only valid way to ID a packet TX is by the AX.25
originating station ID is bogus. The TX has to be ID'd - Part 97 never
says where in the packet it has to be ID'd. Happens that tradition and
AX.25 usually puts the ID in the originating station slot - but that's
not a rule, that's a protocol.

Now, I have to think it'd be OK for a non-ham to turn off a remotely
controled station if for some reason the control op lost control and was
able to contact said non-ham. That may be considered a 'convenience' to
disable the radio before the time-out timer shut it down. But to rely on
that, have that part of the 'remote operation' design? No way.
Conversely, I'd assume that station either wouldn't or couldn't be
turned back on by the non-ham 'helper'.

Just another opinion to go with all the others...


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