[aprssig] convert serial weather data to tcp socket

Steve Slay snslay at swbell.net
Wed Jul 28 22:07:36 EDT 2004

I will agree with Kurt.  The Lantronix XPort should work for around $49.
The thing about the XPort is, it is more of a OEM device that will require some work to set

XPort is a self-contained network communications server and miniaturized Web server that can
be embedded into virtually any electronic device. Devices incorporating XPort have their own
Web address and can be accessed from any Web browser world-wide using a PC, PDA or cell
phone. XPort can serve up Internet-standard XML pages, independently issue e-mails for
notifications or alerts and run other applications as defined by the device manufacturer.

XPort eliminates the complexity of adding network connectivity by providing a complete,
integrated solution that includes a 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet connection, reliable and
proven operating system, an embedded Web server, flexible firmware, a full TCP/IP protocol
stack, and optional 256-bit standards-based (AES) encryption.

If you can open a telnet session on the client machines to get the data, then the Lantronix
UDS-10 is a ready to use device that does the same thing in a larger (deck of cards sized)

I buy the UDS-10s from

Their price is $ 110.09.

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> I was referring to the XPort - I didn't think you needed a tunnel for
> it.  http://www.lantronix.com/products/eds/xport/
> kf
> Tyler Allison wrote:
> >>Lantronix makes some interesting little sugar cube sized Ethernet
> >>interfaces that also have a web server built into it.  It has at least
> >>one serial interface on it as well.  That sounds like a perfect fit.
> >
> >
> > Yeah..those are the ones I found online. However they require the client
> > to install a virtual serial driver onto the client machine.  All it does
> > is tunnel serial packets over TCP.
> >
> > What Im really looking to do is convert the serial data to something a
> > TCP/IP program can simply open a TCP port and start consuming, thus
> > needing no special drivers or client software.
> >
> > The custom low power linux box might be the easiest way.
> >
> > -Tyler
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