[aprssig] Re: convert serial weather data to tcp socket

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Wed Jul 28 15:32:47 EDT 2004

 <I can buy a low power, small form factor linux machine for about $300 but
I was hoping I wouldnt have to spend that much.>

If you want to buy low power small form factor, that's generally expensive regardless of platform.

You can probably buy a very used (i.e. PII or PIII) IBM Thinkpad for $150-200 that will run Linux, IBM was an early official supporter. Troll the web for cheap old thinkpads, and check with IBM to see if they'll run Linux.

Or just buy (or pick up from the trash) an old 486, strip it down, and replace the power supply with a lower power version. $50 for the machine, spend the rest on electricity.<G>

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