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Steve Dimse k4hg at tapr.org
Mon Jul 26 09:09:06 EDT 2004

On 7/26/04 at 7:44 AM AE5PL Lists <HamLists at ametx.com> sent:

>> I thought most of them are shareware and will still operate 
>> as an IGate whether registered or not.  I'm sure any of the 
>Not so.  Software must have a verified login (be registered) for the
>server to allow non-client originated packets to be passed.  In other
>words, the software must be registered for it to act as an IGate.
There is a  distinction in some programs between registered and validated.
Validated is the term I used to signify the user is a ham, it is a simple 15 bit
number based on callsign, the algorithm for which is has been public for years.
Some programs, like Mac/WinAPRS will not function as an IGate unless the program
is registered with the authors, if it is registered then the program generates
the correct validation number itself and sends it to the hub at login.

Other programs, like UI-View, separate the registration and validation
functions, allowing an unregistered user to be validated and function as an
IGate. Validation is free, registration costs money for this program.

Others like xastir do not have registration, and the only allow entry of a
validation number. Xastir includes a simple program to generate the validation
number when given a callsign.

Steve K4HG

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