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> I thought most of them are shareware and will still operate 
> as an IGate whether registered or not.  I'm sure any of the 

Not so.  Software must have a verified login (be registered) for the
server to allow non-client originated packets to be passed.  In other
words, the software must be registered for it to act as an IGate.

> Also, I think someone has written an IGate only program that 
> does not have all the APRS maps and stuff with it.
> Hopefully someone who has set up one of those IGates will 
> jump in and tell us how...

As stated earlier, javAPRSSrvr is free; it has a free IGate adjunct that
runs on any OS with a Java virtual machine.  There are currently IGate
interfaces for AGWPE (Windows), KipSS (Windows), and Linux ax25.  One
need only contact me directly (pete at ae5pl.net) with their computer
configuration (CPU type, OS, etc.), what types of things they want to
support (IGate, SatGate, regional server ports, local ports, etc.),
their name, and their callsign.  I will be happy to set them up.
Further information can be found at http://javaprssrvr.app.aprs-is.net


Pete Loveall AE5PL
mailto:pete at ae5pl.net 

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