[aprssig] TH-D700 Assistance

Rich Mazzeo forummail at richmazz.com
Fri Jul 23 23:28:31 EDT 2004

> I thought this radio could receive the aviation band (approx 121.5)
> but the VFO doesn't seem to allow me to select it.  If there a mod
> necessary to reveive outside of the ham bands?

    Yes it can, but you will have to use the A (Left) VFO to do that. With
the Left band in VFO mode, hit F+[Left Band button] and it will cycle thru
Air band, 220, 300,  440 and 144.

> Does any one have a "quick" list of what needs to be done to get
> the APRS mode active, at least for receive.  I still need to get my
> GPS cable wired.

Just start with the APRS Menu, (Menu 3-1) and go down the list filling in
the approproate information.
3-1: Your Callsign (-14 for truck)
3-2: GPS Unit: Not Used (until you wire up your cable, then switch to [NMEA]
3-4: My Position: Enter your home coordinates until you hook up the GPS (You
can store several positions to switch between)
3-6: Position comment: select one that best describes your current status
3-7: Position limit: only lets stations under X miles fill your position
list. Set a low number if you are in a busy APRS area
3-8: Station Icon- There's a Van icon in there.
3-9: Status Text: Your choice, usually something like "Chuck's Venture"
3-A: Status TX Rate: This is how often your status text will go out. "1/4"
means it gets sent with every 4th position transmission
3-B: Packet Path: This will vary by area. Start with something conservative
like RELAY,WIDE then add another WIDE later if you find your position isn't
making it out far enough
3-C: Packet TX: Auto is fine, and will send your packet out every X minutes.
3-D: TX Interval: How often do you want your position to get sent out? This
depends entirely on your commute, and the length of your path. The important
thing is to remember to set the rate at 30 minutes or longer while parked!
3-M: Auto Message Reply: turn this on and your radio will respond
automatically if someone sends your D700 a message.
3-N: Reply message: Something like "Can't Talk- Driving"

I kinda went overboard there, but you'll be more prepared once you get the
GPS hooked up and are ready to go all out.
> Is there any way to change the power off time to something less
> than three hours?

    Haven't used this feature, someone else will have to field it.

> Thanks,

No Problem

"This is N3XKU reminding you to help control the QRM population, have your
TNC spayed or neutered."

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