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Fri Jul 23 23:23:45 EDT 2004

It will auto switch to AM mode when you select a frequency that low.  You must
select that band only on the LEFT half of the radio.

THe quick way to get running is in the 2nd kenwood manual which comes with the
radio or is available on the kenwood web site.  it is the "specialized
communications" manual.  Basically, to RX aprs... press the F button for 1 second
and select TNC.  First time you do this it will select APRS mode, 2nd time PACKET
mode, third time no packet mode at all.  Set the VFO frequency on the left side
and that's pretty much it.

Power off timer... I can't remmber which menu item exactly, but press MENU button
and it's in the RADIO category.


On Fri, 23 Jul 2004 21:45:08 -0500, "Chuck Gooden" wrote:

> Does any one have a "quick" list of what needs to be done to get 
> the APRS mode active, at least for receive.  I still need to get my 
> GPS cable wired.
> Is there any way to change the power off time to something less 
> than three hours?
> Sorry for the basic questions, I will be traveling a lot during the this 
> weekend and next week and would like to use the radio and don't 
> have a lot of time to dig through the books prior to the trip.
> Thanks,
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