[aprssig] Path Precedence

Rich Mazzeo forummail at richmazz.com
Thu Jul 22 13:19:22 EDT 2004

> Bear with me while I get my head around this,
> What happens if a RELAY is not within range of my station, but a WIDE is.
With a path of RELAY, WIDE2-2 will I still get digi'd by the WIDE?

    Yes, all properly configured WIDEs will also answer to RELAY.

> Or if I set my path as SAR,RELAY,WIDE2-2 (SAR is only on 1 digi). If I am
within range of SAR I get digi'd by SAR and then possibly a relay and so
> If I am not within range of SAR but am within range of a RELAY, will I get
digi'd by the RELAY and then the WIDE...

    No. With that path, if you are not in range of SAR, you will not get
digied.  Also, RELAY should _never_ be anything but the first hop.

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