[aprssig] ARISS Satgates

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Wed Jul 21 13:35:40 EDT 2004

> > Xastir!    Cygwin/Xastir on Windows, Xastir on Linux.
> Or a few others.
> In its default configuration you could handle up to 15 interfaces.
> That means you could perhaps run:
> One internet connection and 14 TNC's

If you were running Xastir as an Igate with multiple RF TNC's, is it smart
enough to keep the stations heard lists "by tnc?"  So if an Internet to RF
message has to go to WE7U, it'll use the TNC/port that heard WE7U and
not all the RF ports?

Also what if a station on one TNC/Port is sending a RF message to a station
on the other port.  Will it gate from one port to the other?   Or does it have
to see the message on the Internet feed.

Same questions apply to UI-VIew with AGWPE...

DIGI_NED can be configured to gate packets between ports but it's not
(yet) smart about message destinations.

Bill - WA7NWP

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