[aprssig] ARISS Satgates

hasan schiers schiers at netins.net
Wed Jul 21 12:23:03 EDT 2004

You bet, Chuck.

AGWPE Pro or free version is your answer. Run your TNC's in KISS mode, let
AGWPE supervise the TNCs, and you can run UI-View32 as your aprs program.

I do exactly this and you get smart digipeating, automagic igating from/to
all ports at your discretion, add on terminal services (agwterminal), etc.

The perfect solution to your needs is agwpe, and I prefer PRO because he
deserves support, and there is more development done on it than the free
version. You can even use serial ports on remote machines...in other words,
you can have a radio/tnc on a totally different computer and connect to/use
these components, AS IF THEY WERE ON the main machine! 16 possible ports are
already available in ui-view32, using agwpe, so you are unlikely to run out
of ports before you run out of either spectrum or money <g>

The key is AGWPE PRO. Once you use it, you'll never go back. BTW, many
people think AGWPE is for Sound Card Packet. NOT TRUE. It can do this, but
its real value is as a supervisor of TNC's in KISS mode, giving multiple
programs access to the same hardware, and interoperability of same. It is
quite a wonder to behold. The versatility and power available to the user is
mind boggling, yet it is not particularly difficult to set up. Some of its
very advanced features require XP, but it still does excellent service with


...hasan, N0AN

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> Quick question as someone else has probably already researched it.
> It there a good software package that will handle multiple TNCs on
> multiple serial ports?
> I'm getting ready to set up a I-Gate when I get home, and if I could do
> it on the same machine
> to handle a TNC on 144.390, another (maybe 9612) with a 1200 baud port
> on 145.800, and
> the other TNC port on a 435 for echo or one of the other sats...   Would
> seem to be much easier
> than  running several computers.
> Thanks
> Chuck   n0nhj
> Robert Bruninga wrote:
> >More ARISS Satgates needed?
> >
> >Today I did a quick look at the packets arriving at
> >http://www.ariss.net to see where the IGates were:
> >
> >00:03:21:35 : qAo,WA6LIE-4  Southern Calif
> >00:06:29:46 : qAo,N0AN        Boone Iowa
> >00:06:31:57 : qAR,KE4AZZ    Greenwood Indiana
> >00:07:23:15 : qAo,VA3BOO   Kinsington, ONT
> >00:08:01:18 : qAO,KC9DOA   Fondu Lac WI
> >00:08:47:24 :        VK5AH-1      Adelaide, AUS
> >00:09:34:58 : qAo,VE2TSO     Quebec
> >00:11:21:27 : qAo,KB0LCR-1  Watertown SD
> >00:12:36:58 : qAR,F4CEP      France
> >00:12:40:22 : qAo,ON7EQ      Belgium
> >00:12:51:22 : qAo,KC9ECI      Onalaska, WI
> >
> >Notably absent were very large sections of the USA
> >such as the East Coast, Souitheast, Souithwest,
> >South and Pacific Northwest.
> >
> >Global areas missing:  Japan, South America, Souith
> >Africa, Hawaii, Alaska, Israel, UK, Spain, Central
> >America, etc...
> >
> >Two things of note.
> >
> >1) Setting up a SATGATE to link ARISS into the internet
> >is simply a whip antenna, an FM rig and TNC on 145.800 and
> >just about any version of APRS.
> >
> >2) There is no such thing as overkill.   The APRS internet
> >system filters out all dupes so it is better to have too many
> >than not enough IGates.  And having at least TWO igates
> >in every area doubles the probability that EVERY packet
> >that makes it through the AIRSS digipeater will be captured
> >by at least one IGate.
> >
> >So if you have a spare TNC and FM radio and permanent
> >internet access, please  consider setting up an IGate.
> >
> >* A whip antenna does NOT need to be high or to see
> >    the horizon.  Someone else's IGate will hopefully be
> >    closer.   A 19" whip over a ground plane is simple and
> >    effective.  No moving parts.  Low so it avoids lightening
> >    vulnerability.  etc..
> >
> >de Wb4APR, Bob
> >
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