[aprssig] Disgusted with APRS (HID's)

Danny danny at messano.net
Mon Jul 19 14:43:19 EDT 2004

How about messages from APRSTIP that we can Igate to local LANs?

Danny Messano

Monday, July 19, 2004, 2:21:51 PM, you wrote:

RM> - Alias of WIDE without alias of RELAY

>> Lets do a little ELMERING here...
>> Thanks.  Lets FIX 144.39!

RM>     I was thinking a weekly bulletin/announcement transmitted in each area.
RM> Something like "BAD APRS: tip of the week".  I've generally had good success
RM> simply telling everyone what they are doing wrong.  Most operators will
RM> welcome the suggestions.  I just wish more people would start letting other
RM> stations know about their incorrect operating practices, cause sometimes I
RM> feel like the neighborhood crank. :-\

RM> I've already contacted a trustee for one digi right next to me that:
RM> Beacons a bad status packet every MINUTE via WIDE,WIDE (no ">" at the
RM> beginning and contains bad characters)
RM> Beacons a bad position via WIDE5-5 (Won't show up)
RM> and otherwise generates ~130 packets an hour of unusable traffic
RM> But after 3 months no one has been able to get to the site to fix this.

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RM> Rich

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