[aprssig] Disgusted with APRS (HID's)

Rich Mazzeo forummail at richmazz.com
Tue Jul 20 14:55:49 EDT 2004

Sounds like a good idea, but probably more complicated than necessary.  Not
all tips would apply to most areas.  I was thinking maybe a txt file with
tips taken from users on the SIG and the "fix14439.html" etc. that users
could individually choose,  copy and paste each week.  The tips would be
pre-worded so they took up the right amount of characters without spilling
on to the next message line, etc.

> How about messages from APRSTIP that we can Igate to local LANs?
> Danny Messano

> Lets do a little ELMERING here...
> Thanks.  Lets FIX 144.39!

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