[aprssig] winlink

Kevin Brown - KC0CZI kc0czi at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 31 18:59:35 EST 2004

>> I'm the first to cry because the D7/D700 aren't good for serious legacy
packet, which is used to the limit by Paclink and Airmail.   But...  in the
simple SP/LM/RM mode, won't the D7* work just fine?   If so, that's giving a
mobile/portable system with a simple PDA or palmtop terminal emulator access
to basic Internet Email.

For the most basic functions, yes the D7/D700 will work for the most part.
I have also had success with binary file transfers (YAPP) but it requires
putting those tasco's into KISS mode with AGW, and installing WinPack.

It's tedious.

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