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It does, however, make gating to RF trivial (for instance, I am gating
all objects which start with EM13 as that covers Collin County, TX).

> I'd use the CALL of the node as the name.  And if it is 4
> letters then make it K4HG-link or 5 letters make it K4HGA-lnk
> or 6 letters make it KA4HGA-lk then for the first 20 chars of
> the comment field, make it WinLINK, 145.750 at AA County EOC
> or what ever

This would mean that the IGate operator would have to have prior
knowledge of which stations are Telpac nodes and which be constantly
updating their gate lists.  It also would require resetting server
filters for the IGates.  I understand your desire, but it breaks the
ability to easily gate objects to RF.

The most important thing here is the ability to gate to RF.  We must 
maintain this abilty first.
Pete is using a unique way to gate these with he connection....a VERY LOW 
bandwidth connection that
all APRS servers can use to pass grid information.

In my case as an Igate, I use a filter close to my Aloha.  I pass anything 
in that range.  If a WNLK-3 is in that range, I gate it to RF.  So Pete does 
it one way which is good and I do it another way which is good too.  We must 
make that part as useful to everyone as we can.


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