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> Since D7's can only see the first 20 bytes of the text, the 
> freq will not be seen by one of them.  And I see no reason 

In "most" cases, a D7 in APRS mode will not be used to determine a
WinLink node.  This will probably be done with APRS software since the
person will be then switching their PC to the WinLink frequency and
running WinLink software.

> for the grid nomenclature at all, since APRS can see exactly 
> where it is.  And the kenwood COMPUTES the grid on receipt.

It does, however, make gating to RF trivial (for instance, I am gating
all objects which start with EM13 as that covers Collin County, TX).

> I'd use the CALL of the node as the name.  And if it is 4 
> letters then make it K4HG-link or 5 letters make it K4HGA-lnk 
> or 6 letters make it KA4HGA-lk then for the first 20 chars of 
> the comment field, make it WinLINK, 145.750 at AA County EOC 
> or what ever

This would mean that the IGate operator would have to have prior
knowledge of which stations are Telpac nodes and which be constantly
updating their gate lists.  It also would require resetting server
filters for the IGates.  I understand your desire, but it breaks the
ability to easily gate objects to RF.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
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