[aprssig] winlink

Wes Johnston aprs at kd4rdb.com
Wed Dec 29 15:40:33 EST 2004

>From what I've read so far about winlink, and the power point show, it looks to
me like winlink is a winner.  I haven't even downloaded the software yet, but I
see that it allows us to divert email automatically from internet to radio if
internet fails.  It uses standard email programs like MS outlook and eudora. 
The end user doesn't need to know anything except the name of the winlink mail
server to program into his email program (in the case of an EOC lan).  wow...

It seems that winlink has done for HF email what aprs did for packet radio...
made it extremely simple to use.  And the less time we spend finegeling the
system, the more time we can spend communicating.  wow!

http://www.winlink.org/Presentations/ARES.ppt is a great slide show, but a
little confusing to me a times... wish I had a narrator!  Some of the slides
are a tweek "busy"....  Can't wait to find out more!

Looks like we have a hand in glove complimentary system to go right along with


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