[aprssig] Easy mobile Kenwood Path Changing

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 29 15:40:18 EST 2004

>You keep saying Kenwoods... I have had a D7 for five 
>years and have never been able to change my path with 
>the push of a button.  Please elaborate!

D700: you can have 5 different paths (1 in each of the
          five PM's).  Set up one for local use and one
          for cross country driving.  Push button to change.

D7: not as easy, but remember that you only have to
      enter W for WIDE or R for RELAY.  So just entering
      R,W,W works just like RELAY,WIDE,WIDE and
      takes much fewer keystrokes.  SImilarly, I think that
      R,W3 will work the same as RELAY,WIDE3-3

Thus, changing from R,W3 to R,W,W is only a few
buttons and easy to change back and forth with just
your thumb..

I hope it works that way.  Back east here we dont user
WIDEn--N because half our digis dont support it ...


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