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>> Is there some web site that I can go to to get a basic understanding of 
>> other
>> packet modes (like the ones being discussed here)?
> The KA7EHK packeet handbook would be a good start...
>  http://www.proaxis.com/~wagnerj/book/book.html
>> I downloaded Airmail, but it looks like it is only setup to work on HF. 
>> I've
>> only got 144 and 440 capabilities - is there any packet, other than APRS, 
>> that
>> works on 2 meters?
> Airmail is the HF side of the Winlink2k system.   For 2 meters and 
> "packet" you
> want to download the program called Paclink-AGW. 
> http://www.winlink.org/Client.htm

Bill, this is NOT  a correct answer.  Airmail works fine with VHF 1200 baud 
packet.  That is what people run.
You do not need AGW or anything else.

In Airmail:  go to  Tools - Options - Modules  and set up the VHF Packet 
Client   very simple.
It's best you have a full blown TNC.  The TNC types in the D700's dont work 
well I am told.


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