[aprssig] Re: More thoughts on Connected Packet - telpac_node

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Wed Dec 29 13:18:06 EST 2004

> Is there some web site that I can go to to get a basic understanding of other
> packet modes (like the ones being discussed here)?

The KA7EHK packeet handbook would be a good start...


> I downloaded Airmail, but it looks like it is only setup to work on HF. I've
> only got 144 and 440 capabilities - is there any packet, other than APRS, that
> works on 2 meters?

Airmail is the HF side of the Winlink2k system.   For 2 meters and "packet" you
want to download the program called Paclink-AGW.  http://www.winlink.org/Client.htm

Don't do that until you try the basic BBS style functionality of the Telpac nodes.  That's
the old LM/RM/KM  (list /read /kill) messages.  That can be done with any terminal
program, like hyperterm on a windows system, and standard TNC and radio.  It should
work fine on a Kenwood D7 or D700.

As mentioned earlier, go to http://www.winlink.org/status/TelpacEx.aspx to find Telpac
nodes in your area.

(Note that the decaffinated TNC in the Kenwoods prevent it from being useful with PacLink or Telpac.
 Kenwood could have sold thousands and thousands of radios to the blossoming ARES system
 as they have the only decent 9k6 system with integrated TNC but instead they choose to
 save a few pennys.  bah humbug )

Bill - WA7NWP

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