[aprssig] Re: More thoughts on Connected Packet - telpac_node

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at jnos.org
Wed Dec 29 13:49:23 EST 2004

> >> I downloaded Airmail, but it looks like it is only setup to work on HF.
> >> I've
> >> only got 144 and 440 capabilities - is there any packet, other than APRS,
> >> that
> >> works on 2 meters?
> >
> > Airmail is the HF side of the Winlink2k system.   For 2 meters and
> > "packet" you
> > want to download the program called Paclink-AGW.
> > http://www.winlink.org/Client.htm
> >
> Bill, this is NOT  a correct answer.  Airmail works fine with VHF 1200 baud
> packet.  That is what people run.
> You do not need AGW or anything else.
> In Airmail:  go to  Tools - Options - Modules  and set up the VHF Packet
> Client   very simple.
> It's best you have a full blown TNC.  The TNC types in the D700's dont work
> well I am told.

Ah.   You're mostly right.   Airmail will indeed work on regular packet.   But Paclink
is still the better application for that.

>From the Winlink Clients page:  (http://www.winlink.org/Client.htm)

"However, Airmail may be used for VHF/UHF Packet under limited circumstances.  Airmail  is required for a radio user to
connect to Winlink 2000 over HF radio.  Once connected to a compatible station, message transfer is completely
automatic.  On the ham bands, Airmail can transfer messages automatically with any station supporting the BBS or F6FBB
protocols, such as Winlink 2000, F6FBB,  MSYS and other Airmail stations.  Airmail also has an option for an Internet
connection to the various participating Winlink stations via a Telnet client module.  The Telnet option works just as if
Airmail was using radio, only, it is obviously much faster.  When used with Winlink 2000, Airmail also contains position
reporting capabilities, and a propagation prediction program  for contacting each of the participating Winlink stations
from anywhere on the Globe."

Looks like it's finally time to check out Airmail since it's a smaller application then Paclink
and isn't suffering from .NET.


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