[aprssig] More thoughts on (was) Connected Packet

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 28 12:02:38 EST 2004

Now I remember why I abandoned conventional packet.
of 100 systems and channels listed in our area, I just spent
30 minutes attempting the first 2 dozen and found only 
1 DX cluster and one old BBS.

But I cannot go CONNECT to every single one just to see
if they are there.  That's why I invented APRS so that
you could just monitor the channel for 10 minutes and
APRS would show you wwhere all the existing nodes were
and what they did..

AH, just got a beacon from a node on 145.05, but it
was not in APRS format so I am clueless to where it is...

Wow, and last 10 messages were today, and relevant
so I guess packet lives.  Lets just get people to support it.

>>> bruninga at usna.edu 12/28/04 11:26:28 AM >>>
Anyone know about the SEDAN packet keyboard network 
that coverd 10 states in the Southeaset?  I just checked
their pages and the latest newsletter was a year ago and
the links to the network maps dont work...  

Since anyone with a soundcard now has PACKET with
their HAM staiton, it is time to re-vitalize conventional packet
and get those links working again...   Bob

>>> jfkraus3 at cox.net 12/28/04 11:22:02 AM >>>
It is amazing how great minds think alike.

I have been working on setting up 10 donated Pentium 130 32mb boxes
dos based apps.  I have APRSDOS and Digi_Ned working but one of the
I want to get going is F6FBB DOS. I plan to have these available for
deployment with groups around the state once I get this done.

I have often felt that the old BBS is the way to go for messaging in
disasters and shelter evacuations situations.  Once you eliminate the
range forwarding a BBS can work very well as a place to relay mail to
from EOC's and Shelters.  The star topology is very adaptable within a

limited range.

Now is there anyone on sig who would be willing to help me overcome

errors I am getting with F6FBBdos?

Off SIG of course.

At 10:17 AM 12/28/2004, you wrote:
>Bob WB4APR said On 28/12/2004 over on the UI-View list...
> > Now that APRS is getting many new people involved in
> > packet radio, it might be time to revitalize the normal
> > packet BBS node system in support of local CONNECTED
> > packet and computer linking as well.
>(I think his suggestion warrants being made here too.... )

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