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John Becker w0jab at big-river.net
Wed Dec 22 12:41:14 EST 2004

Would that be AES ( Advanced Energy Solutions ) and not ASE ?

At 09:34 AM 12/22/04 -0600, you wrote:
>Ryan - I have two solar powered weather stations. There power budget would
>also support them being digipeaters, so I guess they qualify.
>One is located on an island in Lake Superior. You can see it at:
>It consists of:
>50 watt PV panel (ASE, I think)
>2 x 105 amp/hour marine deep cycle batteries
>Morningstar Sunsaver-6 with low voltage disconnect
>Yaesu FT-1500M
>Note that I use the marine deep cycle batteries because I had them, not
>because they are any good. The low voltage disconnect is essential for the
>system. If you don't have LVD you can run your batteries down to a point
>where the charge controller won't operate to charge your batteries. I've had
>this happen twice at other locations. It's not a good feeling finding your
>battery bank at 1.86 volts instead of 14.
>The other is located in Winona County, Minnesota. You can see it at:
>Uni-Solar US-32 thin film PV panel
>1 x 48 amp hour Concorde AGM battery
>Morningstar Prostar 12 with low voltage disconnector
>ADI AD-400HP 70cm 5watt walkie-talkie
>When designing a stand-alone system, at least here in the midwest, plan for
>having a week or more without solar input. Also design it to not discharge
>your batteries more than 20%. If you go to full discharge every night your
>batteries will last 100 cycles, if you go to 80% SOC (ie you've used 20% of
>available stored power) your batteries will last about 3000 cycles or more.
>I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. I'm sure there are others
>on the list (Brian Riley and others) that can also help you out.
>-Jim KB0THN
>On Wednesday 22 December 2004 09:17, Tourge, Ryan R. wrote:
> > Can those of you operating solar powered digipeaters email me with the a
> > basic summary and/or pics of your setup?
> >
> >
> >
> > Thanks!
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> >
> > Ryan, K2RRT
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