[aprssig] Solar Powered Digi

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 22 12:16:05 EST 2004

A real power-saver on SOlar Powered Digis:

If you need a digi in an area, but cannot afford the huge
solar power system to keep it on the air most of the
time, consider making it an ALT-INPUT digi on 144.99
instead of a full service digi on 144.39.

The TX load will be 2 to 5% of what it would be if the
input was on 144.39 because it will only digipeat
the locals that need it, and not the 98% of other
digipeater traffic coming at it from all directions.

Your digi will listen on 144.99 for locals and low power
trackers (probably fewer than a dozen) but will still
digipeat them over to 144.39 to join the network.

Just a thought for some special applications...

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