[aprssig] Re: New n-N paradigm

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 21 10:48:50 EST 2004

>>> awolfe at Route24.net 12/20/04 6:50 PM >>>
>Did I miss something here? Are you saying that "Trace" 
>won't work anymore at least with the KPC-3 TNC' digi's? 
>We use "Trace " instead of "Wide" to work around the D700 
>decrementing SSID's issue. 
>There are still some people around here who will not set up 
>their D700s correctly. 

Can I make some comments just to make sure everyone
understands this problem:

1) Theproblem is only caused if a D700 is used as a digi.
2) D700's are mobiles, and should NOT have digi enabled
    except for special events where you need a mobile digi
    on a hill.  Then the operator should take care to set his
    digi up corectly
3) If someone is driving around with a mobile DIGI, then he
    is the problem and the fix is his burden
5) If the D700 is in fact being used as a real permanent digi
    then there are several EASY fixes:
    a) Set its UIFLOOD to WIDE,30,FIRST (a perfect fix)
    b) Set its UIFLOOD to ##LNKn-N,30,FIRST (another perfect fix)
    c) Set its UITRACE to WIDE, 30 (and use UIFLOOD for something else)
    d) Drop WIDEn-N completely and implement the SSn-N or ##LNKn-N
        just be sure to set the UIFLOOD parameter in the D700 to
       FIRST instead of NOID.

When you refer to WIDE and TRACE, you are referring
to simple aliases.  If you meant to refer to WIDEn-N or TRACEn-N
then you need to include the "n-N" on the end because the
two are very much different.

In that context, and after 12 years of APRS, and since WIDE
and TRACE aliases are identical and were only needed in
the early days when none of the old WIDE digis woiuld do 
callsign substitutin.  Therefore we are dropping TRACE as
an alias becaue it simply confuses everone.  And we are 
droping TRACEn-N because it will be much better to use
the self-limiting SSn-N in its place.

No capabiltiy is lost, just better naming conventions
that prevent the spread of n-N abuse for large N's...

Does that help?  If you still have concerns, I'm happy
to continue the dialog.  I am not trying to ram this
down everyone's throat.  I am trying to give SYSOPS
the tools to FIX their local networks.  The network can
no longer continue in its present broken configuration.

Organize a committeee or a CZAR to work your local 
area one station at a time until all these problems are

Good luck.

Regularly we see WR9A and others, decremented all the 
way down to -9! I've never seen a "Trace" get changed. I know it's a
but it seems to work for us.

Al, K9SI

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