[aprssig] ATn-N along the Appalachain Trail?

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Wed Dec 15 13:04:54 EST 2004

We might also consider a LINKn-N system along the 
Appalachain Trail.  From Tennessee to PA, the
interstate 81LNKn-N system will work well.  But I-81 only
starts in Tennessee and there are no other interstates
that parallel the trail.  Thus, maybe a NC panhandle
and/or North Georgia digis could add ATn-N
to their systems.

Or maybe a simpler and more consistent way might be to just
take a digi in that area (smokie moutains) and add it to the
I-81 chain so that hikers could use 81LNKn-N from Ga
to PA and then the ATn-N begins there through to Maine?

When the new TNC digipeaters on a CHIP come out
and we can have a solar powered AT digi on every mountain
we can then develop a real ATn-N system.

I have some old APRS ideas for the AT on:


Remember, under the new n-N paradigm, adding MORE digis
is not a problem, because all new digis will have specific
functions and in general will not add to QRM, but
will channel data where it needs to go instead of 


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