[aprssig] BIG-TALL digis that hear FAR too MUCH!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Dec 14 12:53:07 EST 2004

>>> Sean Jewett <sean at rimboy.com> 12/14/04 11:43:59 AM >>>
>> BIG digi to UHF, I am not proposing a common UHF freq.  IN
>> fact, the opposite.  It should be a locally coordinated
>> packet frequency ...
>I'm not saying we have to share it.  I'm saying, I and I think a 
>few  others would like some pointers on some good freqs to use.

That should be easy.  Back in the packet boon of the early
90's most freq coordinators set aside many freqs just for
packet, and many of them were never used or have become
dormant.  Simply check your local coordinators lists, contact
the people listed for a packet freq and ask them if you could
use it for this packet application...


  We'd like to 
have some ground to stand on if there are problems in terms of 
coordination or other reasons to QSY.  I'd rather not step on any toes

doing something like this, giving us some pointers (ie, APRS-WG or with

help from ARRL) would be appreciated.  

Again, I don't want to set this up only to find we're going to have to
because we're stepping on someone or it's decided that there should be
UHF equiv of 144.39 and then everyone has to QSY.

I understand what you're saying.  I'm saying, I won't move forward
we have some solid ideas on good freqs to use.


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