[aprssig] Filtering Abusive n-N hops with Aliases

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Dec 12 22:39:21 EST 2004

Blocking Abuse by FILTERING with existing KPC-3 Digipeaters.

Besides shifting over to the new n-N paradigm, there are
ways to use your KPC-3+ digi to filter some abuses.  We have
a mobile running 24/7 in his hometown in another state almost
200 miles away with the path of W6-6.  Rather than budlisting 
him, his local sysop can simply add WIDE6-6 to the UIDIGI list 
at his local digi.  When the mobile transmits this abusive 
WDE6-6 packet, the digi will digipeat it as WIDE6-6* and the 
path is all used up.  Other digis will NOT further propogate him.

But he can still be seen locally, he can still use the digi
if he will choose more considerate path, and if he moves out
of the area for some reason, the restriction goes away and his
wife can see him as he travels.  Maybe eventually he will
change his ways... but the sysop did block the origination of 
any WIDE6-6's in his area for the benefit of everyone else.

Of course if the digi shifts over to the new n-N paradigm
and abandons WIDEn-N completely, the problem also goes

But as we go to SSn-N, there is no need for the SS in the
UIDIGI list anymore, so other than RELAY and WIDE, this 
gives you two such "capture" paths to use as filters of abusive 
n-N choices (though after switching to the new n-N paradigm
even a 6-6 wont do as much damage as it does now.


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