[aprssig] Base antennas and a couple other questions

Josh Keller jeepin95 at comcast.net
Fri Dec 10 21:26:17 EST 2004

scott at opentrac.org wrote:

>This might not help you any, but I've got a working prototype of a TK-790
>specific variant of the OpenTracker installed in one of our vehicles.  It's
>a transmit-only tracker though, and won't be of much use as a base station.
>We've got everything pretty much permanently installed in a mobile command
>post.  Antennas aren't really my thing.  As soon as I get my uTNC, I'll be
>setting up an APRS demo using the existing radios and laptop.  DMAPPER
>doesn't support AGWPE or I'd use that.  I'm considering building an ammo can
>digi, too - another uTNC could fill that role until my own project is
We are slowly working on the mobile command post idea, but at the moment 
the $$ isn't there (and probably won't be for a couple years). Right now 
we are using borrowed equipment which is why the trailer may not always 
be available.

I'm hoping for a uTNC for Christmas to play with :-) We will probably 
end up putting a small tracker/digi in the radio box also just in case 
it grows legs (if we have to leave it somewhere for whatever reason). 
The uTNC seems like a good choice for this. We have a second D700 
dedicated to being a digi, but given the terrain and vast search areas 
we sometimes have one isn't always going to be enough.

>Is your SAR team part of the Mountain Rescue Association?
No, we aren't. We are ground pounders, and don't normally go above the 
treeline. We used to be Explorers but have slowly gotten away from that 
name, although the majority of our 70+ members are teenagers.


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