[aprssig] Droping WIDEn-N does work!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Dec 9 10:27:56 EST 2004

Here is a report from Arizona on droping WIDEn-N routing
to reduce out-of-area QRM:

>>> <dick at kb7zva.com> 11/22/04 12:45:24 PM >>>
>... I changed my digi outside Yuma saturday. And our load 
>dropped 50% from the outside world.  We are actually 
>starting to see our own RELAY,WIDE mobiles! 

And a followup report a month later:

>It worked fine... we are attempting to get more digis [to do it].
> So far, the 2 main digis are doing RELAY,WIDE only. 
>Most locals are running WIDE and mobiles are set to RELAY,WIDE.
>My Igate went from 180 RF stations heard to less than 40. 
>But to also support W2-2 and W3-3 locals, we added 
>those starting paths into the UIDIGI alias list so that mobiles
>using a "decent path" of W2-2 or W3-3 will get out.
>My digi ALOHA circle is 180 miles. However, one hop covers 
>most of it. So my unproto path for the Igate is APRS,WIDE. 
>Which converts to APU25N,WIDE in UIview.
>This has been a major improvement and everything is covered fine
>within the ALOHA.
>Happy Holiday's

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